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In an era where everything is available at the click of a button or swipe of a finger, why should the healthcare industry be limited to traditional ways? The need for technology adoption by healthcare industry is more compelling now than ever before. Today, the world of telemedicine and digital healthcare is a coveted field for many startups looking to make their mark in an industry that’s currently on a rise.

(Pronounced as LIFE) – LHIF (Lifesciences & Healthcare Innovation Forum) is a first-of-its-kind initiative by NASSCOM Center of Excellence for AI/IoT to provide a collaborative platform for the healthcare delivery eco-system to explore and adopt innovation in their organizations.

The 3rd Edition of LHIF ‘Innovation Conclave’ was hosted in Bangalore on 4th October 2018, in collaboration with Government of Karnataka and K-Tech. The format of the conclave was very innovative and inclusive. After two power key notes from prominent personalities from the industry, the healthcare industry representatives comprising of Doctors & IT Leaders met with each other in a workshop mode to identify the most compelling needs of the industry that requires technology intervention. The workshop results were presented to the forum, which also included many healthcare startups and technology companies. Please read on for detailed report.


Stressing the urgency for technology adoption in the healthcare sector Dr.Nandakumar, in his keynote speech observed that, over the last few years, the growth of technology in medical diagnosis has been at a rapid phase. The transformation of healthcare industry is radical and inconceivable.  As per him “the primary driver for technology in healthcare is not profitability or volume of business. It has to be singularly – betterment of mankind.


Dr. Nandakumar Jairam
Chairman and GMD
Columbia Asia Hospital Pvt Ltd


Addressing the gathering, in his keynote address, Mr.Dileep, talked about the universal healthcare delivery and the need for technology adoption. As per him, while technology plays a vital role in taking affordable and sustainable healthcare to the masses, it is also paving way for increased awareness in the public, to move towards preventive healthcare. “The magnitude of research and medical innovations from India is rapidly paving the road for wider coverage of healthcare for population.”

Mr. Dileep Mangsuli
Chief Technology Officer
Wipro GE Healthcare

Industry Workshops

Smart Hospitals   |  Critical Care Monitoring  |  Leveraging AI for Healthcare |  Universal Healthcare

Innovations cannot happen in isolation, without considering the voice of the customer and understanding their needs. To bridge this gap, the industry representatives were divided into groups to deliberate on 4 key topics and arrive at the most compelling needs of the healthcare industry.

Dr.Arvind kindly consented to be the session moderator for the workshop. He played a pivotal role in setting the tone for the first ever Reverse Pitching Session.  Initiating the workshops, he talked about the need for the industry to come together often to discuss and collate some of the common problems faced by them.  In this day and age, the technology industry may have numerous solutions, but their use cases are not often well defined. “I am happy to see NASSCOM CoEs LHIF initiative is focusing on bridging the gap between the industry and the innovators, by discussing and sharing the business needs on a common platform.”

Dr. Arvind Balakirshnan
Chief Medical Director
Cloudnine Hospitals

Workshop Track 1  –   Smart Hospitals

Overcrowded hospitals and shortage of trained medical staff are the two major challenges the industry is grappling with for many years. Staff optimization and superior customer experience are two compelling needs for every hospital.  The experts in workshop track 1, focused on the use-cases around smart hospitals

Some of the business needs arising out of the discussions:

Reduction in patient waiting time and effectively managing the queues, Increasing the efficiency of in-hospital assets transportation, Improvements in drug dispensing and scheduling the diagnostic services, etc.

Workshop Track 2 – Critical Care Monitoring

Monitoring of patient’s vital signs and instantaneous detection of faulty systems in ICUs, Step-Down ICUs and Critical Care Wards is crucial in saving precious lives. Early detection of patient deterioration and prevention of adverse events are the keyfactors for patient safety. The group discussed about the challenges in this area.

Some of the business needs arising out of the discussions:

Vitals Monitoring and Alert Systems for ICUs/CCUs/Wards, AI in Diagnostics and surgical analysis to come handy for doctors during critical procedures, Reducing manual documentation and workload through automatic data entry using IoT, etc.

Workshop Track 3 – Leveraging AI for Healthcare


With the use of technology, the amount of structured and un-structured healthcare data is increasing at an astonishing rate and the data is spread across multiple systems within the same organization. Every healthcare provider is sitting on a gold-mine of quality data, which could be used for better patient outcomes and qualitative research.

Some of the business needs arising out of the discussions:

Security and accessibility of data, data standardization across various internal systems, use of AI for the right insights to reduce doctors valuable time in scanning through various data points, exception handling through AI based solutions in image processing, comparative analysis on historical data points, etc.


Workshop Track-4 Universal Healthcare Delivery

Every single life has a right to access to the healthcare services for her/his wellbeing. The healthcare industry players in India should focus on utilizing the available resources and the eco-system to provide sustainable and affordable health services to every citizen in the country. New delivery models must emerge to meet the  healthcare needs of population in every part of India.

Some of the business needs arising out of the discussions:

Awareness of healthcare delivery models, do more with existing resources, Integrity in insurance claims, speed of claims processing, Accessibility and availability of primary healthcare at door step, preventive care and pre-screening capabilities at remote locations, Telemedicine capabilities for better outreach etc.

After the workshop sessions, the healthcare industry professionals, made a reverse pitching to a host of start-ups present in the room, explaining the business requirements in detail. After tactful moderation of the proceedings, Dr.Arvind Balakrishnan, requested the start-ups present in the room to give ‘1 Minute’ pitch of their products and solutions to the industry experts. Later the solution seekers and solutions providers had an interactive networking opportunity to explore the possibilities of engaging with each other.

Pitching sessions by Innovators


About LHIF

LHIF – Lifesciences & Healthcare Innovation Forum is an initiative of NASSCOM Centre of Excellence for AI and IoT, for engaging the Hospitals, Diagnostic Labs, Doctors, Pharma Companies, Medical Devices Manufacturers, Insurance players, Academicians, Government Bodies, Innovators, Technology Companies, Research Institutions, Industry Associations, Investors and Mentors, on a common platform, to promote innovation and accelerate the technology adoption by the industry. With nearly 350 individuals pan India, in our direct communication channel, the forum is every increasing as we progress.

Our Goals

  • Catalyse the transformation of the Lifesciences & Healthcare industry for accelerated and sustained growth, to capture new business opportunities and markets.
  • Building solutions for real world challenges through co-creation programs.
  • Develop and nurture an innovation ecosystem with participation of diverse players from healthcare industry.
  • Play an active role in bringing affordable, sustainable and scalable healthcare delivery for the citizens.
  • Organize focused events/workshops across different cities of India.
  • Publish success stories and research papers around healthcare innovation.
  • Enable/Accelerate Corporate Innovation through strategic partnerships.


For more details please write to:  LHIF@nasscom.in.                                          Visit our Website: www.coe-iot.com


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