Continuing with our Industry 4.0 Program, a noteworthy interactive session with a leading engineering service provider was hosted on 24th March, 17. The client seeking niche technology in the Internet of Things, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning sector connected with 5 innovative start-ups in the relevant fields. All the parties brainstormed around the problem statements and possible technical solutions. Entrepreneurs pitched their products highlighting how that would fit into the client’s end to end solution.

Problem statements revolved around collection of data by smart machines from automated drilling of oil pipeline, storage into cloud, analysis and report making. Key challenges were Internet connectivity uncertainties, terrain irregularities, and harsh weather conditions, complex multi hop wireless channel requirement, etc. To tackle these issues, synergies between different parties had to be established. We expect partnership between multiples ventures to serve this project end to end.

This came after successful implementation of Round Table 1 in our flagship initiative “Co-Creation Program”. We envisage positively impacting disruptive IoT start-ups through this initiative.

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