Did you know that during the first year of a baby’s life, parents sleep an average of just six hours a night? Imagine juggling a job, your home and a baby with less than six hours of sleep everyday. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it?


In today’s fast-paced world, taking care of a child has become highly demanding and one of the biggest challenges new parents initially is ensuring the baby has a proper sleep cycle. The rise of nuclear families in India, long working hours and inflexible maternity & paternity leave policies at the workplace has left young parents stressed out and sleepless.


This was the reality for Radhika and Bharat Patil, who experienced firsthand the challenges of caring for a newborn when they had their first baby.This led them to develop a one-of-a-kind smart cradle, which has sensors designed to detect even the slightest movements of a baby and instinctively rocks the child back to sleep.


How does the cradle detect movement and react responsively? Through the magic of cutting-edge technologies including AI and IoT.


A combination of hardware, software and deep tech makes the Smart Cradle an all-in-one device that can provide responsive soothing to a baby, detect loud sounds outside the cradle, constantly monitor the sleeping child and send updates to the parents through an app.


Deep Tech For Deep Sleep


The founders have managed to capture multiple innovations within one cradle, making it a comprehensive solution for newborns and parents.


Some of the features include Responsive soothing, where smart sensors look for early wake-up signals in the baby, following which the cradle automatically rocks the baby back to sleep along with soothing music. Moreover, the cradle decodes the baby’s sleep patterns and creates personalized sleep recipes for the child. External loud sound detectionsensors allow for effortless detection of sudden, loud external sounds that could disturb a child, and the cradle begins to rock the child immediately.


New parents often worry if their newborn is sleeping right – specifically to ensure if their baby is breathing properly while sleeping or if there is any kind of physical discomfort in a crib or cradle. Cradlewise also provides a Contactless Baby Monitor, which detects unsafe sleep postures, and obstruction to breathing among others.


While there are several cradles in the market, most of them make a lot of noise while being rocked. Cradlewise uses a patented technology to ensure the swinging of the cradle is noiseless. Moreover, the rocking mechanism is rather gentle and also doesn’t use much power.


Keeping in line with the tech-savvy generation of parents, Cradlewise has an app that provides constant updates on the baby to the parents. Currently, the app is designed for Android devices.


Baby-Friendly Features Makes CradlewiseA Desirable Product


While the technology used on the product is cutting-edge and is intended to make life easy for the parents, there are other features that make it an equally amenable option for babies too. One of the most unique features is a hammock-based cradle that keeps the baby snug, distributes the weight of the child evenly (avoiding any pressure on the head) and even comes with a soft net keeping insects at bay, and allowing the babies to breathe easily.


Growing children and of course, adults, are accustomed to silent environments to sleep better but its this very silence that’s highly unnerving for babies. While in the womb, babies are accustomed to “whooshing” sounds that are rhythmic and soothing. It takes some months for a newborn to grow out of these sounds. Cradlewise mimics these womb sounds, also called White Noise, allowing a baby to sleep well. Additionally, the app comes with some generic soothing musical options to facilitate better sleep.


Twinkly night lights, synced to the beats of the music, present on the roof of the cradle help keep a baby distracted while in the cradle too.


Cradlewise has been part of NASSCOM Center of Excellence since April 2017.

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