Did you know that during the first year of a baby’s life, parents sleep an average of just six hours a night? Imagine juggling a job, your home and a baby with less than six hours of sleep everyday. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it?


In today’s fast-paced world, taking care of a child has become highly demanding and one of the biggest challenges new parents initially is ensuring the baby has a proper sleep cycle. With the increase in nuclear families and inconsistent support systems for new parents, baby care has become a tough job today.


This was the reality for Radhika and Bharat Patil, who experienced firsthand the challenges of caring for a newborn when they had their first baby.This led them to develop a one-of-a-kind smart cradle, which has sensors designed to detect even the slightest movements of a baby and instinctively rocks the child back to sleep.


How does the cradle detect movement and react responsively? Through the magic of cutting-edge technologies including AI and IoT.


A combination of hardware, software and deep tech makes the Smart Cradle an all-in-one device that can provide responsive soothing to a baby, detect loud sounds outside the cradle, constantly monitor the sleeping child and send updates to the parents through an app.


Responsive soothing : The smart sensors look for early wake-up signals in the baby, following which the cradle automatically rocks the baby back to sleep along with soothing music. This helps soothing the baby and allow its sleep to be undisturbed. Moreover, the cradle decodes the baby’s sleep patterns and creates personalized sleep recipes for the child.


External loud sound detection :Imagine you’ve spent 30 minutes putting your baby to sleep, and suddenly you step on a squeaky toy. The process of soothing the baby and putting him back to sleep begins all over again. Cradlewise sensors can detect sudden, external loud sounds and starts rocking the cradle to guard your baby’s sleep, mitigating interruptions in the baby’s sleep cycle.


Baby monitoring :A contactless baby monitor keeps a watch on the baby while parents are away. This monitor looks for any unsafe sleep posture – for example – if the baby rolls over, if the baby is trying to sit or if the blanket covers the nose, then the parents will be alerted on their mobile phones. In case the mobile is not reachable, then an alarm will buzz on the cradle.


Mobile App :  This cradle can be controlled using a mobile app. Currently, the app is designed for Android phones.


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Cloth hammock-based cradle design : One of the most unique features of the entire smart device is the hammock-based cradle which offers multiple advantages that includes equal pressure distribution of the baby’s head, snugly surrounding a sleeping child to ensure proper posture and flexibility, allows for industry-standard breathability, a cocoon-like structure to prevent a baby from falling and an insect-repellent net.


Noiseless gentle rocking :Cradlewise uses a patented technology that ensures that the swinging is noiseless. The rocking mechanism used in the cradle is gentle and consumes low power. With just two hours of charging, the cradle can be used for up to 12 hours.


Audio and Video monitoring :This cradle comes with a mobile app that can be used to monitor your baby. You can keep a watch on your baby while you are in a different room through video monitoring or do a hands free monitoring using the audio-only monitor mode. We have a night vision camera that helps you see your baby even in the night without turning the lights on.


Soothing Music :

As adults, we are used to sleeping in peace and quiet. But for a baby, it is very different. In the womb, the baby is surrounded by muffled and rhythmic sounds, which is why a quiet room can be disturbing for a baby. Mimicking these womb sounds, sometimes called White Noise, can calm a baby.


Cradlewise’s app comes with nature sounds like relaxing rain, calming waves and babbling brook that mimic the comforting sounds of the womb. This helps in calming the baby, allows faster onset of sleep and also safeguards against external disturbing sounds. You can upload your baby’s favorite tracks or lullabies as well. This lets you customize your cradle even further to suit your baby’s preferences.


Night lights :

The top roof of the cradle comes with night lights that can be turned ON/OFF using the mobile app. These lights help to entertain the baby and soothe when they are cranky. These lights are synced to the music and hence will blink as per the beats of the music.

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Sleep Analytics :

We provide basic sleep analytics that help you understand how well your baby slept. We are working hard to provide a detailed report and will provide updates with newer releases every week.


Cradlewise has been part of NASSCOM Center of Excellence since April 2017.

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