NASSCOM Centre of Excellence-IoT along with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan selected 10 start-ups to participate in Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technology (CEATEC). Over the past years these start-ups have developed solutions globally. They will be absolutely funded for the travel and stay, and also get a global exposure at some of the best enterprises and businesses in Japan.

Incredibly outstanding start-ups playing in various domains such as agriculture, logistics, and industrial automation have competitively brought a whole new level of innovation. It was a monotonous task to choose over 400 start-ups , METI of Japan teamed up with NASSCOM Centre of Excellence for Internet of Things (CoE-IoT) to identify 10 key IoT start-ups in India who could participate in CEATEC – largest IT & electronic exhibition and Conference, held annually in Japan.

CoE-IoT has been conducting certain programs and events to line-up and reach out to the IoT start-ups in India. In the past months NASSCOM CoE-IoT curated over 400 start-ups of which 65 were nominated including the 25 best innovative IoT start-ups. The Japanese delegates chose 10 of the 65 start-ups out of which 9 were nominated by NASSCOM CoE-IoT.

This event could help reach a global recognition, changing the perception towards transforming technology in India. The advancement in this field will place the country in the global markets and partake towards the evolvement of scientific engineering.

The Government of India jointly with NASSCOM is exerting work force to break through the furtherance of IoT. It could be said that India would become a Hotspot for innovation and technology in the near future.

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