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Medtech takes centre stage at AIRmaker’s new batch of 8 IoT startups

The team at AIRmaker, a Singapore-based IoT-focussed accelerator, has a knack for picking out innovative IoT startups tackling pressing problems. But what is less known is their ability to weave togethan intricate tapestry of storylines. read more

Villgro funds agri start-up GRoboMac

Villgro, which incubates and invests in social enterprises, has made a seed investment in agri start-up Green Robot Machinery Pvt Ltd (GRoboMac), which is developing a robot to pick cotton. read more

Avanijal’s app irrigates fields while helping farmers save water and sleep!

The Indian farmer, sadly, features more in grim headlines than in stories of innovation. Historically and traditionally, India has been an agrarian economy, with the sector now contributing 17 percent to the national GDP. Even today, over 58 percent of households depend on it for their livelihood. But drought, poor infrastructure, and lack of dependable labour have resulted in poor yield year after year. One of the biggest challenges is irrigation, especially for small farmers who use drip or sprinkler systems, particularly when water is seen as an increasingly finite and precious resource. read more

Here comes the Robot Reaper

Manohar Sambandam has spent nearly 27 years in the semi-conductor industry working to tight deadlines. But, now as the CEO and co-founder of Green Robot Machinery Pvt Ltd (GRoboMac), he is racing against time to accomplish something by July. He also has to convince investors that his project – building a robot that will pick cotton – will indeed be capable of picking as much as cotton as it can, as he seeks to raise over ₹2 crore. read more

Qualcomm to announce tech startup winners of $100,000 Design in India challenge today

Chipset maker Qualcomm had announced its Design in India Challenge back in 2015, with entries from over 400 Indian tech and hardware startups. The challenge was to build hardware based on Qualcomm’s technologies in a bid to boost local manufacturing and innovation. After 10 finalists were shortlisted in April, 2016, the winners of the hardware competition will be announced at an event being held at New Delhi today.

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This Bengaluru techie-turned-farmer has made India’s first agri-tech robot to battle farm labour shortage

Story Highlights

  • Manohar Sambandam, a tech entrepreneur-turned farmer, makes a robotic platform to harvest cotton. The trigger was rice and cotton harvests he lost due to lack of farm labour.
  • The cotton picking robot has a tentative market price of Rs 4-5 lakh. The idea is to extend its use to pick strawberries and grapes, as also to weeding.
  • While agri-tech robots are a hot area for investment in the west, they haven’t attracted much backing or been in deals in India.

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WiSense: engineering veterans provide a platform for Internet of Things ideas

The term Internet of Things (IOT) was proposed by Kevin Ashton in 2009 and refers to uniquely identifiable objects and their virtual representations in an internet-like structure. Cisco CEO John Chambers says the Internet of Things market is poised to reach $19 trillion in the next couple of years. Ram Krishnan and Arvind Padmanabhan are two engineering veterans who have their feet firmly in the space and have started up WiSense to realize the potential of IOT in India.

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Hardware startup Sensegiz catches fancy of KARSEMVEN, raises $500,000

That’s why we got the funding,” said Abhishek Latthe, CEO at Belgaum-based Sensegiz.

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IoT India Congress recognises top three IoT focussed thought leaders and Start-up in India

The Congress also witnessed launch of multiple whitepapers during the course of two days around adoption and growth of IoT in various sectors including Energy, Business, Security and Healthcare.

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IoT industry should have common standards: Teaotia

India should come up with common specifications and standards to compete in the Internet of Things (IoT) business globally, said Commerce Secretary Rita Teaotia on Thursday.

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