AI at the forefront of change in enterprises

Already, 59% of enterprises worldwide are using AI-enabled software to gain insights and intelligence to drive smarter business decisions

Be it Process Automation, Cognitive Customer Support or Cognitive Customer Engagement, there is a growing need for AI in business today.


Over the years, AI has been driving business in multiple ways such as increased customer engagement, optimizing training costs, providing personalized customer support, deriving reams of data on customer behavior to streamline business process optimization and provide round-the-clock customer support

AI for Enterprise

Initiative to showcase successful industry adoption of AI solutions

Understand challenges and adopt learnings of data-driven decision-making
At NASSCOM CoE, we encourage enterprises to come forward and share with us the unique challenges they face in their industry, and understand better how AI-powered solutions have solved these challenges
Collaborate with enterprise stakeholders
The power of collaboration will aid startups and enterprises to mutually benefit, and eventually build a repository of real-time knowledge on adoption and implementation strategies
Partner with NASSCOM and showcase the success story to the world
Be it a startup or an enterprise, NASSCOM CoE will help showcase your success on various digital media, and facilitate better industry connections
Solve challenges in AI and data adoption in similar enterprise profiles
By initiating this unique problem-solving approach, we’re encouraging startups to think outside the box and customize their solutions to other enterprises having similar pain points
Mentor startups in driving AI adoption
Through this initiative, startups will receive first-hand access to industry experts to hone their skills, problem solving approach and strengthen their USP based on industry requirements