In recent years, the drip irrigation is being adopted in India and elsewhere in the world for efficient irrigation. Drip irrigation is better than the older flood and recent sprinkler irrigation. Even with drip irrigation, lot of water is wasted due to improper management and practically the crops either over irrigated or under irrigated. The yield drops in both cases and water and electricity wasted due to over irrigation. Drip irrigation also requires continuous monitoring and management of irrigation (motor on/off and open/close of irrigation valves). One person is required at the farm/site to manage the irrigation. Practically it is impossible to attend to the irrigation needs in time and results in over/under irrigation.

Company Name Avanijal Agri Automation Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru
What is it ? In BriefAvanijal Irrigation and Fertigation controller automats motors irrigation valves, filter system and fertigation for farmers at very less cost. Irrigation can be controlled based on time, volume and soil moisture. Full irrigation management is done by mobile app.
IoT ComponentsController manages many sensors like : water flow, water pressure, water level, rain gauge, soil moisture, different wireless enabled devices which controls motor, valves etc. It also logs all irrigation and fertigation data to cloud servers, data analytics and actionable feedback to farmers on mobile/tab.
Application AreaAgriculture, horticulture, Greenhouse, Terrace garden and landscapes.
How it worksConfiguration of motors, valves, filter and fertilizer system. Managing irrigation and fertigation based on farmers requirements. Once configured, the controller automatically checks electricity quality, water availability and manages irrigation, fertigation and filter cleaning. There is no manual intervention till any of the above requirement changes. If any of the system malfunctions, the controller will stops the system and alerts the farmer. All irrigation, fertigation data logged to cloud server, the data is analyzed and sends an actionable information to user.
DetailsWater is the lifeline of all species. Whole world, specially developing world is already in water crisis. How best we use the available water for irrigation and produce the best crop yield is the challenge we have today to feed 7+ billion (1.2+ billion in India alone).

The Story

At Avanijal, we design, develop irrigation and fertigation controllers and provide full irrigation and fertigation automation solutions. Our product/solution solves most problems described above. It also saves labour, fertilizer and ground water contamination due over irrigation soon after fertilizer application.

Our product provides many solutions based on farmer’s irrigation and fertigation precision and budget requirements. Our controllers are scalable from minimum configuration to maximum configuration at small additional cost.

Products are easy to configure and operate from mobile app. The farmer can get real time irrigation status and historical data and data analysis.

The typical irrigation farm consists of water source(s), motor(s), filters, fertigation units and valves. All these are connected as shown in the following fig.

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