Shortlisted Startups

Announcing the
shortlisted IoT startups

  • IOTPOT is engaged in developing solutions for the kitchen cooking domain addressing three critical hot spots: risk, complex processes and archaic methods. Their products include BurnerBuddy, a smart burner knob that replaces existing stove plastic knob and makes the stove smarter.

Tabyy mHealth

  • Our sensors enabled platform helps patients to have right medicine at right time, report treatment progress and take instant corrective actions. AI, ML driven algorithms improve prescription compliance from the current level of 50% to 90% plus thereby reducing treatment cost and time many times. Our aim is to significantly reduce premature deaths in low income countries.


  • Uber Diagnostics is a disruptive healthcare diagnostics company that is making healthcare delivery more efficient and Cardiotrack being the company’s flagship product. CardioTrack is a network connected Electrocardiogram and can be easily installed in public health centers. Health reports through the device can easily be accessed through tablets, computers, and smartphones.

  • The startup has developed a low-cost and local IoT solution for Energy and Water management called as EWM. Currently a team of 20, FluxGen has already deployed the solutions for various customers which includes, Indian Railways, Titan Watches, Robert Bosch, Bulher group, ITC, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore etc. and are the winner of the IoT start-up of the year 2016 at IoT India Congress held recently.

Edel Smart Devices
  • Edel Smart Devices is a IoT startup that is connecting ubiquitous, everyday devices to the Internet of Things. EDEL is developing a range of IoT ready, Modular, Touch Sensor Switch and Dimmers which will be priced close to conventional switches causing a huge disruption. These devices will leapfrog the efficiency, comfort, safety, user experience and security at a very affordable cost.

  • Frugal Labs is a Technology development Company providing “IoT as solutions” for its Clients. The company tends to provide easy affordable End to End IoT solutions  across domains for its Clients like Industry, Academia, Govt, Individuals and startups. The company also excels in providing Skill development Training for the Academia in association with Govt approved Bodies.

  • “BlinkeyeLabs is working on an IoT enabled aftermarket safety devices for cars, buses and trucks that helps preventing accidents that occurs due to drivers distraction. It provides advanced analytics to like trip and driver analytics, vehicle maintenance reports, driver feedback and training and quick “

SAAR Microsystem

  • SAAR Microsystems is developing an Industrial IoT platform. It has created solutions for remote monitoring of smartenergy installations – batteries and solar farms – as well as agricultural fields and glass houses.


  • To enhance the skill level of budding and professional cricketers by using wearable technology. str8bat gives INSTANT, VISUAL & ACTIONABLE insights to players and coaches and help them build their muscle memory. All this through a cutting edge AI engine which automatically identifies the shot types played and helps you to focus on those aspects of your game which needs your attention.


  • WiSense offers low power sub-GHz wireless mesh network platform and complete solutions for home, industrial, community and agriculture automation involving sensing and control. The WiSense platform can be used to provide reliable cloud connectivity
    to legacy devices/equipment.

  • SensoVision is an AI tech company working in building a platform for Advertisement solutions and Industrial Automation using machine learning and computer vision.

  • Wispero is transforming wireless IoT safety for enterprises. Through the innovative SaaS based security analytic platform, Wispero helps automate vulnerability tracking and threat inspection in unlicensed enterprise wireless networks like Bluetooth and LORA.

  • We provide reliable M2M(Machine to Machine), IoT(Internet of Things) products and services for your business needs, that would meet the expected ROI.

  • Giscle is a Computer Vision smart map and smart address platform. Giscle outsources vast amount of video data and with computer vision generate high definition map and 3d map. Giscle vision is to build the future brain of navigation and convert 30 million Indian cars into intelligent cars for saving thousands of lives…

The Things Cloud

  • ThingsCloud has developed a solar grid-interactive inverter. The patent pending technology enables user to generate, consume, sell, and store energy. The cutting edge cloud technology provides unparalleled control and access to these smart devices.



  • Develops smart cricket ball and mobile app to help bowlers in coaching. Their intelligent cricket ball will help bowlers improve their game. The ball contains a sensing system that detects information about the ball’s motion, spin on the ball, impact on the pitch, position of the seam and drift in the air. Also provides analytics of all the accumulated data.


  • Cradlewise is a start-up that considers childplay to be a serious business. The long term vision of the company is to revolutionize parenting and infant care which will help in raising smart creative adults.
    The journey starts with the redesign of the one place that infants spend majority of their time in the first 2 years – The cradle.

  • SenseGiz makes IOT based consumer & enterprise products for smart buildings, security, and smart city applications using a combination of connected hardware, cloud analytics & apps. With the Coin, we create a large, ultra-low power mesh network of sensor nodes with connectivity to the cloud via Wi-Fi as well. Each sensor node communicates with every other tiny sensor node as well as with the cloud.

  • TrakRay is an Indoor LaaS(Location as a service) company that focuses on developing precise and low power RTLS Hardware/Software solutions based on hybrid wireless technologies and vision/mission is to provide world class products for Location Of Things in ever growing IoT market space and be a dominant player.

  • SensiWise Solutions provides organizations with near real-time operational visibility and business insights by leveraging the power of IoT & Analytics through modular, configurable and ready-to-deploy solutions.

  • Making agriculture smart and efficient with the use of technology, machine intelligence and data driven decisions. We are working with one mission – Grow Smart, Grow More…
    Product – Fasal

Uncanny Vision

  • Uncanny Vision is pioneering the task of bringing advanced Deep Learning/AI-based Vision technologies to IoT devices. Their Software Toolkit increases the performance of computer vision algorithms multifold and increased speed improvement to the order of 2 to 20 times.


  • An Industrial analytics company, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider across domains with specialization in Predictive Maintenance/Condition based Monitoring Solutions for IoT. They are developing their HW solutions to integrate with their platform.


  • Is developing a wearable device called SaveMom which will track the heart rate and sleeping pattern of pregnant women. The device connects to the user’s phone via Bluetooth and has a memory card which is used to store the data until it is synced with the phone or transferred to the laptop. The company will be launching two plans SaveMom premium for hospitals & healthcare institutions, and SaveMom Ahalya which is plan focusing on the pregnant women in rural areas. The app will provide all the pregnancy related information to the user and also can be used to store reports and set reminders for the checkup.

  • DheeYantra is building an AI based vernacular conversational agent – The USP of which is, it’s ability to support Regional Languages. It is capable of understanding, communicating & getting tasks done for an end user in their own vernacular. “” is backed with DheeYantra’s patent pending technologies related to Indian Language scripts & methods for generating self learning data sets, which are crucial for deep learning based systems being built for Indian languages.

  • Machinup offers artificial intelligence based solutions for the process industry. It has created solutions for energy optimization and cloud based predictive maintenance of plant equipment for clients in cement, power and chemical industry. Its R&D team is working on a number of solutions that use machine learning techniques to increase the speed of manufacturing process, improve reliability and make forecasting models based on sophisticated data analysis.

  • Energyly is an IoT company in energy monitoring helping SMEs reduce their power costs and increase productivity with a blended hardware-software product with intelligent insights and analytics on desktop and mobile devices.

  • “SwitchOn is developing Digital Twins for energy optimization and predictive maintenance. We leverage technologies such as Industrial IoT and Machine learning to Digitize critical equipment for industries. Our Digital Twins help customers reduce unplanned downtime, improve operational efficiency and maximize asset utilization.”

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