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LHIF Report Nov 2018

Event Report

In an era where everything is available at the click of a button or swipe of a finger, why should the healthcare industry be limited to traditional ways? The need for technology adoption by healthcare industry is more compelling now than ever before. Today, the world of telemedicine and digital healthcare is a coveted field for many startups looking to make their mark in an industry that’s currently on a rise.

(Pronounced as LIFE) – LHIF (Lifesciences & Healthcare Innovation Forum) is a first-of-its-kind initiative by NASSCOM Center of Excellence for AI/IoT to provide a collaborative platform for the healthcare delivery eco-system to explore and adopt innovation in their organizations.

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Say hello to #LHIF

The Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry is expected to grow exponentially in India. Federal and State governments across the globe are pushing the pedal on transformational initiatives to achieve these challenging goals. Launch of National Heath Protection Scheme and the intent to establish 150,000 wellness centres under the Ayushman Bharat Yojana, is a major step by the Indian Government towards achieving the UHC goals, presenting major growth opportunities for all the players in Life Sciences & Healthcare Industry.

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Overview of the Indian #sportstech landscape

More than just cricket

The Indian sports tech space is still in a very nascent stage but there have been significant strides made over the last 18–24 months. Properties such as the Indian Super League (Football) and Pro Kabaddi League can’t yet compete with the commercial clout of the Indian Premier League (Cricket), but their growing popularity and the increased interest in other alternative sports such as marathons, cycling and even eSports is indicative of a growing sports economy thus presents opportunities for startups. read more


Str8bat’s technology and features allows to improve one’s game. It is designed for both serious and casual players of Cricket, it’s accessible and affordable. read more

Reliance’s Unlimit, IBM collaborate to power IoT innovation in India

MUMBAI: Reliance Group’s Unlimit — an Internet of Things (IoT) venture for enterprises — and tech giant IBM on Monday announced a collaboration to co-create IoT solutions for industry verticals, including automotive, insurance, utilities and industrial automation.
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Qualcomm Announces Top Eight Finalists for Cycle I of Qualcomm Design in India Challenge II

SAN DIEGO, April 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) today announced the top eight finalists in the first cycle of Qualcomm® Design in India Challenge II (QDIC II), registrations for which started in January 2017. These finalists were selected through a rigorous selection process which culminated in an extensive pitch session in March 2017. Launched in association with National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), QDIC, now a part of a larger initiative, Qualcomm Design in India Program (QDIP), encourages product companies to create innovative hardware product designs incorporating Qualcomm technologies and platforms.

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Medtech takes centre stage at AIRmaker’s new batch of 8 IoT startups

The team at AIRmaker, a Singapore-based IoT-focussed accelerator, has a knack for picking out innovative IoT startups tackling pressing problems. But what is less known is their ability to weave togethan intricate tapestry of storylines. read more

Villgro funds agri start-up GRoboMac

Villgro, which incubates and invests in social enterprises, has made a seed investment in agri start-up Green Robot Machinery Pvt Ltd (GRoboMac), which is developing a robot to pick cotton. read more

Avanijal’s app irrigates fields while helping farmers save water and sleep!

The Indian farmer, sadly, features more in grim headlines than in stories of innovation. Historically and traditionally, India has been an agrarian economy, with the sector now contributing 17 percent to the national GDP. Even today, over 58 percent of households depend on it for their livelihood. But drought, poor infrastructure, and lack of dependable labour have resulted in poor yield year after year. One of the biggest challenges is irrigation, especially for small farmers who use drip or sprinkler systems, particularly when water is seen as an increasingly finite and precious resource. read more

Here comes the Robot Reaper

Manohar Sambandam has spent nearly 27 years in the semi-conductor industry working to tight deadlines. But, now as the CEO and co-founder of Green Robot Machinery Pvt Ltd (GRoboMac), he is racing against time to accomplish something by July. He also has to convince investors that his project – building a robot that will pick cotton – will indeed be capable of picking as much as cotton as it can, as he seeks to raise over ₹2 crore. read more

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